Discover AMPED I’s Powerful Substation Engineering Solutions

As a manager of engineering projects, you know the stakes are high. At the same time, you understand it’s nearly impossible to conduct every substation engineering and design project in-house.

With so many engineering design services out there, how do you find a trustworthy company truly invested in working toward your best interests?

You need an engineering solution that features a precise mix of services.

During this no-risk, 30-minute consultation, you’ll discover how AMPED I ensures project success by:

  • Executing designs to your exact standards and specifications
  • Featuring senior engineers who truly know equipment functionality
  • Offering rates that are significantly less than larger engineering firms
  • Seeking a local presence to create touch points for site visits and more

The No-Risk First Project Promise

We all know that time is priceless and it can be risky to work with a new engineering solution. That’s why AMPED I is offering a no-risk first project promise. This is our way of showing you we are invested in being your trusted partner.