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Wind Farm Cap Banks & Switcher With Rtac

Posted by AMPED I on September 14, 2016

Our electrical division recently completed the electrical protection and control design of three capacitor bank integration projects for several wind farms in the southwest region of the United States. SEL-487V relays were used in order to control and monitor each of the installed cap banks and associated cap switchers. External cap switchers were installed to allow for the switching in of VARS into the system as needed to regulate the power factor output. This design involved the addition of several new panels at a couple of the sites in order to incorporate the protection and control of two cap switchers per relay panel. At one of the sites the P & C relays were integrated into the existing relay panels and the older controllers were removed. An RTU connection was established to monitor the relays and to allow for remote SCADA control of the equipment, using an SEL-3530 as the Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC).

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