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Amped I September Newsletter

Posted by AMPED I on December 21, 2016

Recent Projects

Amped I Electrical is wrapping up the design of an Axion cabinet in Northern Illinois. The design contains an SEL-2241 and associated modules to monitor an “ABV” system that is being used to replace outdated communications equipment. SCADA communication points were transferred to the new equipment and once this is installed “acSELerator” software will be used to configure the SEL-2241.This project is in progress and is expected to be issued for construction by the end of November, 2016.

Our fire protection division, Fire & Risk Alliance, is currently designing a facility wide fire alarm system in Illinois to protect twelve (12) new 233’ diameter crude oil floating roof tanks. This involves installing linear heat detection fire alarm cables on the seals of the rims of the tanks to detect any fires. A fire alarm control panel will be installed in the fire pump house with a slave panel in the control building on a fiber network. This project is currently in progress with an expected completion date during the summer of 2017.

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138kV Relaying

Posted by AMPED I on November 12, 2016
Midwest location: 138kV Line and Bus Relaying replacement/69kV Line and Bus Relaying replacement. A unique feature of this project required the 138kV Bus Relaying to have individual phase relaying. Between Primary and Backup, six SEL 487B relays were installed.
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345kV/138kV Line Upgrade

Posted by AMPED I on October 20, 2016

Our team is currently completing five remote end line upgrades. This project consists of two 345kV line relaying packages and three 138kV line relaying packages. The communication methods consist of Power Line Carrier or Fiber depending on the remote end. The SCADA/RTU system was also upgraded/modified. Relays used include SEL321, SEL 311, SEL 352, SEL 501, RFL 9780, RFL 9785, and SEL 2032. Schemes used were PLC OCB scheme, Fiber current differential, Step Distance and Breaker Failure.

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Wind Farm Cap Banks & Switcher With Rtac

Posted by AMPED I on September 14, 2016

Our electrical division recently completed the electrical protection and control design of three capacitor bank integration projects for several wind farms in the southwest region of the United States. SEL-487V relays were used in order to control and monitor each of the installed cap banks and associated cap switchers. External cap switchers were installed to allow for the switching in of VARS into the system as needed to regulate the power factor output. This design involved the addition of several new panels at a couple of the sites in order to incorporate the protection and control of two cap switchers per relay panel. At one of the sites the P & C relays were integrated into the existing relay panels and the older controllers were removed. An RTU connection was established to monitor the relays and to allow for remote SCADA control of the equipment, using an SEL-3530 as the Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC).

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12kV Feeder Upgrades & Fiber

Posted by AMPED I on August 18, 2016

Amped I has recently completed the design work consisting of upgrading a total of twenty (20) 12kV feeders and SCADA upgrades at two (2) different sites. The scope of work included the design of a fiber tray, installation of a new SCADA panel/revisions to the existing SCADA panel, upgrading the electromechanical relays to microprocessor relays and relay fiber communication. As part of the design process the following items were prepared: one line, front views, fiber tray layout, AC and DC schematics, bills of materials (estimates and bid process), wiring diagrams and DC calculations.

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Sf6 Breaker Upgrade With Switchgear Relaying

Posted by AMPED I on July 10, 2016

Amped I recently completed design work for the upgrade of an existing 12kV substation consisting of 41 switchgear cubicles. The project involved installation of 30 new cubicles and 11 new cubicle doors which will upgrade the existing substation to a microprocessor based intelligent substation. Additional design work includes SCADA, AC, and DC upgrades as well as transformer monitoring. The project continues this Spring with engineering and design of the 138kV portion of the substation including 3 new SF6 dead tank breakers and 4 new SF6 Hybrid circuit breakers.

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Substation Aux Power Upgrade

Posted by AMPED I on June 25, 2016

Amped I recently completed design and engineering work for complete aux power replacement at an existing 138kV-12kV substation. The project involved upgrading the normal and emergency aux power transformers as well installation of a new automatic throw over panel. The existing main AC panelboard was also upgraded. Completion of the project will result in cleaner, safer, and more efficient aux power for the substation as well as added capacity for any potential future AC loads. Construction is scheduled to be completed in May 2016.

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Fiber Optic Ring Upgrade

Posted by AMPED I on May 15, 2016

Amped I LLC is currently completing a fiber optic routing plan for a local utility to create a MUX node on an existing fiber optic ring. We will be utilizing SEL ICON equipment at the new node at an existing substation. The new node will be able to transmit data via 15-40 kilometer fiber optic laser cards installed on the rack. A fiber distribution panel will be added to creating two diverse routes out of the station to diverse splice points on the existing fiber optic ring. We will be working with the Utility, the local municipalities, and the department of transportation for permitting of the new construction. Specifications will also be provided for railroad crossings along the way. The fiber optic cable utilized is mostly ADSS ( all-dielectric self supporting) over-head type, connected onto existing electrical poles. In some sections we will be using directional bored underground fiber optic cables. The intent of the installation is to provide high speed closed circuit data connectivity between the local stations for high-speed tripping and for the collection SCADA information.

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138kV Grid Improvement Program

Posted by AMPED I on April 4, 2016

Amped I has completed (NINETY NINE) 138kV terminals on sixteen line upgrades in a major metropolitan area for a utility line upgrade obsolescence program. These encompass line differential, directional comparison, and permissive overreaching transfer trip relay schemes as well as breaker failure, transformer, phase shifter, and leads protection. The locations vary from a major city to rural areas from two terminal lines to multi-terminal transmission lines with various aspects of communication. They also include overhead, underground, and combinations of overhead and underground lines. These include multiplexing fiber rings, direct fiber, as well as carrier communication. Some terminals also require SCADA upgrades that are either IP based or serial based as well as the installation of new nodes of multiplexing and fiber equipment for both relay communications, SCADA communications, and telecom to support substation requirements. This project involved over 6,000 drawings.

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Fiber Routing For Substation To Data Center

Posted by AMPED I on March 20, 2016

Amped I Electrical is currently completing a fiber routing plan for a local utility, between a substation and a large data center, to be utilized for DTT relay tripping and co-gen. The routing involves the use of existing manholes and direct buried HDPE along the local state highway. We assisted in the permitting process with the DOT and the local county to provide for digging and road way obstruction.

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