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Amped I February Newsletter

Posted by AMPED I on March 1, 2017


This month Amped I invited the American Heart Association to the office to train and certify employees in First Aid. Safety is priority! -The AHA will return next month to certify employees in CPR.


Amped I has recently completed the design and engineering of a 345/138kV transformer replacement and transformer protection project. This consisted of reconfiguring the 138kV side by adding one 138kV circuit breaker & associated MODs. Amped I also installed new breaker failure relaying on two breakers and installed a bus differential scheme on the 138kV side.

• Replaced: transformers, relays

• Installed: 138kV breaker, breaker failure relay, MODs, MOD Controllers, and bus differential relaying

• Construction of this project began on January 31st, 2017.

Fire & Risk Alliance, our fire protection division is beginning work on a Turbine Power Generation Fire Suppression Project in Colorado. They were contacted by a contracted fire suppression installer because of the challenging conditions of their installation task. Upon survey, the contractor had found that due to the congested pre-existing conditions, the complexity of the design was outside the capability oftheir design team.

FRA is to survey the site, provide complete design drawings for the suppression systems while considering pre-existing pipe routing in congested areas, and to provide complete material and stock lists that the contractor can fabricate their pipe and install from.

AutoCAD, HydraCAD and Stocklisting software will be used to design water and foam deluge fire suppression systems. 


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