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138kV Grid Improvement Program

Posted by AMPED I on April 4, 2016

Amped I has completed (NINETY NINE) 138kV terminals on sixteen line upgrades in a major metropolitan area for a utility line upgrade obsolescence program. These encompass line differential, directional comparison, and permissive overreaching transfer trip relay schemes as well as breaker failure, transformer, phase shifter, and leads protection. The locations vary from a major city to rural areas from two terminal lines to multi-terminal transmission lines with various aspects of communication. They also include overhead, underground, and combinations of overhead and underground lines. These include multiplexing fiber rings, direct fiber, as well as carrier communication. Some terminals also require SCADA upgrades that are either IP based or serial based as well as the installation of new nodes of multiplexing and fiber equipment for both relay communications, SCADA communications, and telecom to support substation requirements. This project involved over 6,000 drawings.

Topics: “BROWNFIELD” Upgrades

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