To Our Prospective Clients,

Bryan Headshot White BackgroundAt Amped I, we are an iconic company that is sensitive to the fact that design and engineering power infrastructure projects MUST be completed on time and on budget. When you partner with Amped I, we will take sole responsibility and mitigate all risk associated with the design, engineering and construction of these complex projects.

Our goal is to eliminate those continuous hassles and inconsistencies that tend to arise when outsourcing your projects. We do so by taking the time to listen to you at the beginning fo a projects, during the implementation and at the bid of the project for feedback. With several years of experience listening to our client's needs, we have developed and refined our services therefore providing you with a more precise outcome.  We hope to have an opportunity to listen and discover your needs.We know your time is valuable and communication would be at your convenience. Please email or call us to get started.

We are eager to take the next step with you in hopes of creating an ongoing collaboration.


Bryan Pyka, Owner of Amped I

We design to make a difference for our employees & community


AMPED I is an innovative design and engineering firm specializing in power infrastructure projects ranging from transmission to distribution and fire protection projects for power utility, industry, government and commercial facilities. Our experienced design and engineering team has been instrumental in the successful planning, development and commissioning of power engineering across the U.S. including electrical substations, wind farms, industrial utility interconnects, and smart grid upgrades. Additionally, our hands-on fire protection experts have provided a full array of safety and risk reduction services to safeguard buildings and aid facility operators. We foster collaborative efforts and partner with world-class industry leaders to offer complete solutions to client needs.

Through our design, engineering and fire protection services, AMPED I consistently provides exceptional value, integrity and client satisfaction. We manage utility and building projects in a timely, safety-conscious manner with a commitment to quality assurance, budget efficiency and customer service. Power infrastructure and fire protection are multifaceted and AMPED I’s 40+ years of experience enables us to take a project from initial assessment and design to full compliance and operation. We are recognized for our demonstrated track record of effectively handling projects both large and small including those with unique challenges.

From protection and control engineering of state-of-the-art distribution systems to reducing liability and securing life, property and assets, AMPED I’s talented, dependable team offers a responsive, comprehensive approach to power engineering and project completion. We look forward to creating a seamless working relationship with you that will provide dependable solutions for your building infrastructure with an eye toward maximizing your return on investment.

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